Question about dividend


Just tried to pay into the safex wallet with poloniex and Bittrex both give error send failed so i tried mycellium and did the barcode scan and again send failed so i dont know, thought it might be the amount so i sent £30 over top the 50p that is needed but still same issue. using mycellium gives “Unrecognized Format” when scanning the wallet bar-code for receiving.


You can use the wallet to send safex too. Just import the private key for the address into omniwallet and then you will have no problems.

Other than that I doubt i can help any further.


Thanks Rob i really do appreciate your time in helping.
I did manage to move the coins to tradesoshi in the end and then moved it to BTC to buy DMD so i can stake DMD, all up and running and i only have 10,000 safex now, so all worked out good in the end.
Thanks again to everyone that could look above my ignorance and helped.