Question about dividend


The last paragraph complicates things. Holders of Safex are likely going to be interested in receiving dividends and will keep their Safex in the Wallet. This will reduce the supply in exchanges. This reduced supply will inflate the price of Safex coins.
I wonder what the pattern will be for paying out dividends.


As far as I am aware it is for as long as the marketplace is running. Which in a perfect world, humans and other life forms will be selling things on the Safex marketplace across the galaxy using the free intergalactic wifi that Elon Musks grandchild invented, and my disendents will be lounging by a pool on Titan living off of the dividends until the heat death of the universe.


Exactly! I know for me the price of a Safex coin would need to be astronomical for me to even consider taking them out of my wallet. Dividends for life.


ive had my safex now for about 6 months, not 1 penny in rewards, Having them Safex for 6 months and no reward is not what im looking for.


That feature is not enabled yet, it will be on Blockchain Launch in the next couple of months.


So why is this on the Home page yet what you just said isn’t? It’s misleading.

"Calculate your potential cryptocurrency gains

Safex Tokens are a factor for accumulating more cryptocurrency. Every sale that happens on the Safex Marketplace will earn you 5% of the price in the form of crypto currency. This calculator shows a scenario where the marketplace has $500 million in trade during period of 6 months after the marketplace launch."


It clearly says “every sale that happens on Safex Marketplace will earn you 5%…”. The marketplace is not live yet. You do the math.


Nothing to do with maths pal, It’s to do with transparency and what i read on the home page tells me one thing and i see nothing about the marketplace not being live yet, i know very little about the marketplace i only know what i read from the home page because I wanted to invest more into it and not have to study it. nm i have different plans now anyway.


Sounds to me like you need to read the blue paper and keep up with current events. Blockchain not live = no dividends. Everyone holding this coin follows the progress and know the chain is coming and mining and marketplace and dividends.


Small correction:

You won’t earn 5% per transaction. Every transaction is subjected to a 5% fee, which is then divided over the total amount of ‘locked-in’ tokens.


Okay mate. Calm down a bit. Theres a mountain of information available and this forum is a good place to get some of that. Its a good point you give as a new user that it wasnt clear to you , that the marketplace isnt yet live , however a little more research by yourself wiould have dug that information up. My point is this. There is no misrepresentation of the marketplace , and the website itself is merely an introduction to this project. You’ll find this team , doesnt speculate about price or attempt to lure people with exact dates on development and timelines. Youll also find very few leads relating to successful daytrading , and research will teach you , that any investor’s daily returns , are no concern for this community. Its simply not part of the plan. What you will find , is plenty of people , who are prepared to take the time to explain certain aspects of the project , however I suspect , nearly any relevant questions you could imagine , have probably been asked and answered somewhere in these posts. There is still plenty of time to get on board , so take your time, and learn as much about safex as you can , before deciding if its for you.


Ok can you just answer this question then please, Where can i sell this dead coin?


@god, are you not all knowing?

Try Simple and easy to sell your safex.


Thanks for the reply.
I tried that site 2 days ago but seems they are having problems with their sign up registry form, not accepting any password making it imposable to register.
where else can i sell these coins or is that it?


Prob the special character. I just tried and yes its a problem.

Just email them and ask. It works for a lot of people so worth the effort. And there is nowhere else at the moment that I know of.


Its been a pain from day 1 with this coin.
I tried to send all my coins to tradesotshi, but when i click the send from the wallet it tells me i dont have enough BTC to make the transaction, So now i need to know how to get BTC on the safex wallet before i can get rid of these bloody things. i only see my safex address i see no BTC address so no idea what im to do now.


safex is omni-protocol token. The safex address is the BTC address


Thanks for that info Rob’
i sent a little bit of btc to the only address i have in the safex wallet and when i go to look on the blockchain for that address i see “Unable to decode output address”


That is normal and expected for omni-protocol spends.


Just looked at withdrew History in poloniex and its an error paying to that address Status - Complete: Error.
so its not working. why couldn’t the safex wallet take the fee from the safex we wouldn’t have this problem then.