Problem with migration


today i tried to migrate my old safex coins and when i press migrate it shows me a message that says : Either you do not have enough bitcoins to complete the transaction or the connection to the bitcoin blockchain is interrupted . i have like 1.24$ bitcoin in my adress . is the system off or i cant migrate my coins anymore cause the time of migration end?



So this issue is normally caused by one of two things:

  1. The BTC you have in your wallet is made up from lots of smaller BTC transactions. This is normally called dust. If this is the case, i’d recomend sending a single transaction of $1-2 to that address and try again.
  2. If it’s not related to BTC dust then for whatever reason your wallet is struggling to connect to the BTC server to determine the appropriate transaction fee. This is done so that you’re paying the right sized fee so as it’s not getting lost in the BTC mempool.
    A good way to determine if you’re connected or not is to check the lower-left corner of the wallet and see what the status is. If it’s green, then you’re good to do and it’s most likely issue 1).
    If the status is red then most likely your connection is having problems connecting to the BTC server.

  • Certain Internet providers block access to non-standard ports. It might be that your ISP is simply blocking communication to the port that we use for the BTC fee checker.
  • Certain countries (Russia specifically) have blocked access to EVERY Digital Ocean server in the world (they wanted to bury Telegram, which is also hosted via DO).
  • If you’re trying to connect to the wallet via workplace connection - again they might be blocking access to non-standard ports or whitelisted domains.

A good way to check this is by loading the wallet whilst connected to the internet via a VPN. I can’t recomend one specifically but there are a few free ones you could try to confirm this theory.

I can confirm the BTC server is running OK as you can see in the image above so it looks like the issue is isolated to your local area.

Let me know how you get on.



i solve the error by sending new bitcoin to my adress but now i get another error after i press “set the first half”:error getting UTXOs Error: Transaction has no inputs. but my bitcoin is pending so i guess if i wait then the first half will be seted . .



the process was so fast when i press set the second half i restart my wallet and my pending btc was already 0 and for burning my safex says Final Step - Burning your Safe Exchange Coins

You will need 0.00137388 btc this is quite alot from other videos that i see it asks for less

it already take me about 4 euro worth of bitcoin to proceed to the steps



There are varrying factors in the cost per stage. It’s dictated by the average fee per BTC transaction (as the Omni Protocol is a layer ontop of the BTC blockchain). Recently, prices have gone up.

However, at the beginning the instructions do say to take your time and don’t rush it until each stage is properly confirmed. If you click things too early or try to force the next stages before it’s had chance to confirm, you are going to be faced with issues. You can only perform one transaction at a time.