Petitions to Get SAFEX Listed on More Exchanges


Hello, Safe Exchange family! I’m trying to increase awareness of the SAFEX team efforts. Re-Steemit, upvote and follow to help spread the word.


All for it
Probably should focus on getting the wallet out 1st lol
1 Step at a time


@CRYPTO, I can’t wait for the wallet, either. I’m not trying to be impatient. The team has not disappointed thus far. Let’s see what happens.


Is there a bounty program or anything for marketing?


yea, on the other side, I think there will be a great relief if the wallet is out! it will result in a price jump of 100percent


Its not like the wallet and spreading the word are mutually exclusive. Extra awareness can only help in my oppinion. Good initative!


More and more reviewers are spreading the word about SAFEX every day. I’d say its just a snowball before the others exchanges get ahold.

(New to the forum by the way :slight_smile: and trading cryptocurrency)