Opportunity for a free exchange listing


This is the creator of Tomochain. His people have created Midas Protocol (smart wallet) and Vinex exchange. I have talked to him over weeks and I am a Midas Pioneer which gives me certain rights. He is now considering to list Safex free of charge.
Someone should contact him and fill out the form below.




Please refer this contact to daniel@safex.io

Also here is a comprehensive integration document.


I passed the message on.

You can get him here, They are very good at customer service. https://t.me/vinexnetwork


He seems to be listing Safex Coin, which makes little to no sense,
It would make much more sense to list safex Cash and Safex Token…

They’ll only get disappointed since what all are waiting for is good exchanges for Safex Cash und Token noone needs a new exchange for a Coin soon worthless


I agree. Fantastic job getting the listing approval but much better off if it’s sfx/sft that gets listed.


Make sure to get them list SFT and SFX. For SAFEX-newcomers it seems to be quite confusing to understand which coin is which and has got which use without digging for information. SAFEX Coin is pretty irrelevant at this point now. Anyways, thanks for the effort to pursue new exchanges!


I agree here @Jakeycoin Please make sure that we are discussing the new coin; I read in your message that you have indicated about the fork.

Let’s just ensure that we are on the same page.