One Click Miner for Safex Cash



this is by far the easiest way to start mining :+1:


Yea it will be easier but the XMR Stak program is also pretty simple. I encourage anyone waiting for the one clik to give XMR Stak a go.


Is there some guide for mining Safex Cash using xmr stak?


maybe this will help >


I am running XMR-Stak and my pool hash rate is significantly lower than my local hash rate. I get around 900 H/s on my local machine and around 200 H/s in the pool. I have tried multiple pools with same result. How do I fix this?


If you are referring to what you are seeing on the pool, I wouldn’t be concerned. What I found that matters is what you see when you hit H in the miner. If you are getting shares accepted that is all that matters, I avg 1.2khs,sometimes it says I am at 2+khs when that is not possible. Other times it is saying 2-300hs. I get the same shares depending on the difficulty that the pool sets.

This is what it is currently telling me my hash is. Hardware wise that is not possible,


Has the miner been updated yet?


Updated version will be released on Monday, with wallet implemented.