n99 crowd sale open


Will be appearing on Declare Your Independence MAY 3RD 1OAM EST to discuss n99 http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/196079-2016-05-02-05-03-16-tim-coomber-listen-live-on-lrn-fm.htm


Can I send my BTC from Omni wallet, then when n99 crowd sale ended, I will get my Seeds on my Omni wallet.

That’s right or not?


yes that’s right.


will the 9999999 seeds still be distributed even though the amount raised is only $9k? or will the coins be refunded?


Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock @we_advance @dallyshalla
discussing n99 and SAFE

hour 3

audio https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/196079-2016-05-02-05-03-16-tim-coomber-daniel-dabek-mp3s-video-loaded.htmu1


Pretty sure they will be. There was no minimum stated. Just under a week left. There was no bonus so most people will wait till the end to invest!!


@sfcoin @zeb Thank you for your enquiry please see attached of phase one costed development outline. All seeds will be distributed following the end of the crowd sale The crowd sale is to fund this first stage we have developer lined up hence should the crowd sale not raise the required amount of funding additional funds will be sourced elsewhere. We are going to build this one way or other


Will be guest on BlockChain Dynamics tonight 7pm MST to discuss n99 http://www.blockchaindynamics.net/


Blockchain Dynamics #11



Times a ticking only 48hrs remain to get seeds n99 crowd sales closes 5pm gmt may 11th

#no more middle men


Last TWO days of n99 seed sale http://network99.io/sale
Huge S/O to ceiling Demons who fly the flag for N99/SAFE
For The Love (Feat. Acts) https://ceilingdemons.bandcamp.com/track/for-the-love-feat-acts

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less than 22hrs remain n99 seed/crowd sale ends 5pm gmt 11th may http://network99.io/sale1

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Ok so how will the rest of the coins(90%) be distributed??will it be through 1 site/app or multiple . Is there a finite supply, ? what happens after all have been distributed??


Final few hours remain to purchase seeds the n99 crowd sale ends 5pm GMT http://network99.io/sale

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The distribution is not yet concrete in how but a combination of a throttled faucet, and manually distributing SEEDs to real artists, by a verification method (people need to actually be real artists interested in the n99 platform)

It is a part of the same UI group

When the app is live, the supply will expand based on artists utilizing the app

The goal is that the platform ebbs and flows like the ocean shore, putting SEEDs into circulation and taking them out when people really enjoy some content.


Congrats on a successful Crowdsale :slight_smile:


Thankyou to everyone to contributed to the n99 seed sale :sunny:
step by step the era of the creative is rising @Ceiling_Demons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX0AoTcWg8c

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n99 Crowd Sale Outcome
A big thank you to everyone who invested. The last 2 days have been spent doing due-diligence on the figures before issuing seeds. I thought I would share the headlines with the forum as follows

At closure of the crowd sale exchange rates were as follows

Some debate was had with our Auditors (who are forum members) regarding rounding of decimals in relation to seeds. As the seeds will be utilised and traded primarily within the application as whole units we decided to go with standard rounding (0.5 and above round up, less round down), this left us with 8 seeds spare. These have been given 1 each to the 8 smallest purchases (with the exception of one purchase which was so small the administrative overhead outweighed the action of allocating this purchaser a bonus seed)
The split between Maid & Bitcoin purchases is as follows:

Activity during the crowd sale definitely peaked on the last day as you can see below:

And spread of ownership of the seeds has a good healthy mix between bulk buyers and smaller purchasers as shown in the chart below:


Stones @Ceiling_Demons



You can follow n99 seed dispersal http://omnichest.info/lookupsp.aspx?sp=60&page=115 distribution of n99 seeds is being done manually your patience is appreciated