n99 crowd sale open


Finally it is here n99 seed/crowd sale

Be a part of building a vibrant world
In order to fund the active development of the platform and present it to the world we are hosting this crowdsale.

By contributing funds to this crowdsale, in return you will receive SEEDs which can be used on the n99 platform which allows you to rate content and support artists. These SEEDs are cryptographic tokens that artists will find valuable since it helps to promote their content to audiences. You may find artists selling concert tickets, fan merchandise, as well as other novelties in exchange for SEEDs as well. The vision for the n99 platform and the way in which people use it beholds much color and excitement.

I recommend everyone to read the webpages, especially concerning the seed / crowdsale details http://network99.io/sale
Crowdsale will take place from today at around 5:00 pm GMT until May 11th, 2016 5:00 pm GMT

#step by step the era of the creative is rising

[ANN] n99 Seed sale coming soon

Huge S/O to @dallyshalla @Ceiling_Demons
#step by step the era of the creative is rising


I’m so happy the n99 crowdsale is here to help bring about this amazing app. My favorite by far (no offense to SEC and PDC) but lets start distributing, planting, watering and harvesting these seeds. Good luck!

n99because… this is how we consume content on the SAFE Network.


do we still get the 15% if we get it this week?


n99 crowd sale details
The crowd-sale takes place as an auction. If one person put $1 and no other purchases of n99 SEEDS had been made, then that person will own 100% of the n99 SEEDS. If someone stepped in and added $9 then the person who had paid $1 will now be reduced to 10% ownership since the addition of the $9 had made the total $10, and the person who put $9 would own 90% of the SEEDS. The distribution will be determined based on the price of Bitcoin and MaidSafeCoin as of Crowdsale End Date: May 11th, 2016, 5pm [GMT]

the crowd details are as stated above

#step by step the era of the creative is rising


n99because… music inspires art
every step is moving me up @Ceiling_Demons

@Ceiling_Demons are huge inspiration for n99 step by step the era of the creative is rising


n99 crowd sale via Minds https://www.minds.com/archive/view/569671799894188032




To be fair to everyone there are no bonus moments.


n99because….music inspires art
Ezekiel 25 17 demo by Wigghead https://soundcloud.com/thewigghead/ezekiel-25-17


n99because…it is the right solution for the right time



n99because… it releases the shackles of many people.


n99because…a new paradigm is dawning

#rewarding the artists


n99because..Without inspiration, innovation is dead


hi there, good project. looking forward… i have a question? can i use same btc address for more than one deposit? thanks


Yes you can @troya cheers



Can we experience art by playing with it? And what impact does n99// SAFE technology have on this process?

Games are used to encourage us to happily perform tasks we might otherwise view as boring. They engage our minds and put us in a state of blissful productivity - where we may actually prefer working hard to relaxing. They trick us into learning - even teaching us new ways to learn.
Interactive art is a way to communicate certain ideas – esp – those that talk about the way we function and experience this rock we live on that tumbles through space.

a paradigm where as an artist you could gamify your artwork – how? Earning seeds via listening to x amount of tracks / time played etc or earning seeds by playing a game //completing missions etc is one thing - how to gamify art? is it possible?
Why not use the same principles as used in earning seeds with music and games? remember back in day when it took proper long time to upload an image on the internet – as line by line an image would slowly appear on your screen and we wait and wait in the anticipation that was then - now imagine the same scenario only this time on n99 – that’s gamification of art – or how about a painting revealed following the steps of the artist – new ways to learn
The great divide in process – the gamification of art -

One of the many inspiring elements of SAFE is the ability for everyone to create connect collaborate. In an age of increasing complexity - innovation is only bound by the limits of our creativity.
Many of our largest and longest-lived institutions are bigger, more complex “constructed realities”. By drawing inspiration from games -gamification of art on n99 enables people to consider these giant social structures in a new light - to conceptualize these complex interactions and bring them back to a human level where we are forced to consider an individual’s interaction and input. Perhaps with a little artistry, we can all learn to play that game and make reality more engaging and participatory.
#gamication of art?


Aes Dana - People of Art

n99because…the future forgets our time is now.


Why n99?

#reward the creators