Missing Safe exchange coin in my wallet


Hi. I downloaded and opened a Safex wallet on Wed Feb 27 2019 12:56:23 GMT+0800 (W. Australia Standard Time) from your site and deposited 30362 Safex tokens ready to be migrated to your new block chain. I then had health issues. I have only just got back to the process and find they are missing. Can you tell me were they have gone or have they been stolen. Transaction history shows the deposit was made but nothing is showing in my wallet now. They were there when I first deposited them. Can you help please. Regards Philip.

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I guess this is your wallet address: 1CkNXdDBGyLBUgsW1QtvP1fLnBhPPWVJPJ - if so, no worries, they are there.

I assume you have imported the .dat file from your old wallet. If so just refresh the wallet or archive/ unarchive and the tokens will appear. If not, then import your private key and voila, they will be there.

You can always check the omni explorer as well (type your wallet address) or use the Safex news website and find your wallet (you’re wallet number 2443 for now).

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Hi dogberry. Thanks for replying, very much appreciated. I am very new to this. I can see my coins through the information you gave on omni explorer and Safex new website. They are definitely still there. I originally download one new wallet in February and did not import the .dat file. I tried to import my private key but I am not having too much success. No matter what I do I still can,t get my wallet to show my coins. I am really not doing very well. Not sure where to go from here. Regards Phil.


Apologies there is some temporary interruption with information to the wallet including balance info.

It should be back shortly.

we are in progress updating the omni node which supports the safe exchange coin on the bitcoin blockchain.

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Hello @greio. Is your balance showing now? (I wasn’t aware of the update to the omni node)


Hi dogberry. My ballance is now showing in my wallet and all is good. Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated. Regards Phil.

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Hi Dan. Thank you for your reply. All is good now. My balance is now showing in my wallet. Thanks for your help, very much appreciated. Regards Phil.