Missing 120k Sft and associated sfx after migration

Hi all, i had purchased some more safex from safex.io and proceeded to do the migration. I had done two migrations in the last batch but only recieved the one. A total of 500k safex was migrated.
1st transaction being 380k
2nd transaction being 120k
First transaction was recieved with no issues and the associated sfx.
Second transaction doesn’t show in v1.
(V1 indicates i am missing 120k sft and the assoicated sfx.)
My v7 wallet shows as if the migration was sucessful and also shows the correct amount of sft and sfx associated with the wallet.
The 120k migration was done on the 19th of feb 2019

Ill get to the bottom of it all this weekend :slight_smile: :mountain:

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Hi there any updates on this matter?