Mining still profitable?


hi is stepping in mining today still profitable or i’m in to late?


I think it’s still very profitable


We’re in progress with exchange listings; so price will be determined soon; but I think at current hash rate the price per coin is about 0.30$ which is much lower than our projections and that price will rise as more miners join the network.


Already mining Dan :wink: appreciate your business


So once safex cash is listed on exchanges you think it will be worth more than safex token??


The supply is much lower, one safex coin will be more worth than one safex token therefore.

But the safex token marketcap could be higher, at least when the marketplace will be used a lot I would expect the marketcap of safex token exceeding the market cap of cash. Till then in my opinion it could be close or even sometimes switching…


Thanks for reply, just can’t can’t wait for the marketplace!!! Once things are up and running I’m curious how things are going to go…If it’s functional and governments cannot shut it down it will be a historical marker…