Mining Safex Cash using ethOS


HI Just curiouf if it is possible to use ethOS to mine Safex Cash ? If so does anyone have any configs for it ?



All sorted, managed to figure out the config file and running mining on ethOS now :smile:


Awesome glad you pulled through :blush: :sun_with_face: , hope you could document your experience to or; and/or up your thread with some resources :slight_smile:

not sure if ethos has much advantage over ubuntu, etc

just curious why preference for ethos, is it much more convenient to get up and running?


Hi Dan, thank for the reply. I purchased a second hand mining rig which came with ethos so thought id give it crack in mining safex with it. It runs straight off a USB Stick and updates seem to be pretty easy to do for both ethos updates and miner updates. I will try and find some time to post it up on reddit :slight_smile: