Migration Table not showing anything


I migrated 100 SAFEX the other day. I followed Dan’s youtube tutorial and everything went as he said except at the end when the migrations table remained blank. I’m now concerned to migrate the remainder of my tokens. Could you let me know if the migration went through ok?
I can provide my target migration wallet address if required


Your Safex Tokens and Cash are fine - there is an airdrop script that is run once a week, normally on the weekends, which delivers your cash and tokens.

Rest assured, your burn transction is logged on the bitcoin blockchain, meaning when the scripts are run, it’ll be picked up and processed accordingly.


Ok perfect. Thanks for the reply


Hi Rich just a quick one i just done the migration on the last step where you have to wait 30-40 mins my safex and pending balance have gone to zero as Dan video shows but the migration table has not shown up neither has a migration balance with the new tokens is that ok , im kinda concerned


Hi Rich

So it’s been several weeks since I did two migrations, the first with a 100 SAFEX and second with 50 SAFEX. The migration tables on my wallet still don’t show any balances. They completely blank. Is there anywhere else that I can confirm that the transaction went through successfully? Is there a blockchain scanner to see the transactions? I still have a stack that I want to migrate but I definitely won’t do it until I’m sure this is working


Sure, you can check on any Bitcoin block chain Explorer (just Google and pick your favorite) if the safex address was send complete, just type your public btc (not starting with safex) address in the search field. If they are right you can check on omni Explorer if safex was send with same address…