Migration balance

I have just done the migration process about 90 mins ago, my migration table still shows 0 balance, how long should it take to show my balance on the migration table, thanks for any help

Could be a few days

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If you set both halves correctly and didn’t rush the process, then the table should’ve updated within about 4 hours.

If it hasn’t updated within a day, then in all likelihood, you rushed the process when you tried to set the second half.

Check your old Safex address in any BTC block explorer - there should be two outgoing transactions + as many burns as you did. (So if just did the one burn, then there should be 3 outgoing txns)

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The correct migration balance showed up after about two hours, thanks again


Hi i just did the migration 2 days ago and balances on my wallet is still 0 maybe i do something wrong but i check all transactions on block explorer and are confirmed i have no safex in my old omni wallet and nothing in my safex wallet my old address is 15h45tA5h4XvtLwKQMhEQJ1WnnbExjzQAL and the TX: 6aeae6b6980cfeae9fbceb2597c698229c3db046275709d5faefbaa4ef97aa1b can someone check this and help me to figure out what could go wrong ?

V7 Migration Wallet is only for old coin, not new SFT and SFX coins.

The script that populates the Migration Table has an issue that is being worked on, so at present, they won’t update from 0.

I looked at the txns on the block explorers and it looks like you did everything correctly…

The outgoing txns correspondent to Set - Set - Burn - send Omni - Send BTC

You now have to wait for Dan to run his Migration Script against your burn on 21 October, then you can access your SFT and SFX via the v2 Orbiter wallet.

Oh thanks a lot :smiley: i thought i was rekt on this, i’ll be waiting at least seems like it’s ok by now :face_with_monocle:

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I migrated back in July. How do I see my secret spend key and view key?

I am looking through the 0.0.7 wallet for the secret view and spend keys but I cant find them. Apparently I need them to access them in the new wallet, right?

During the first stage of the migration process, you were presented with them as a .txt file to save.

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So you are saying that I had only one chance to view them and back them up? That would be rediculous.

If I had only one chance to view and record them why was there not a warning that this was this case?

I found my txt file. When I open the new wallet it shows the balance as zero. But in the old wallet the migrated sft and sfx are there.

don’t worry optictopic i face about the same problem , as long as you can enter your old wallet you have all you need . I am sure you will see your coins.

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try the rescan button in settings, seeds and keys

also keep in mind the full node the wallet is connecting to is intermittent at the moment

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