Migrating safex to the new safex blockchain


Hi, hoping someone can clarify or guide me, new to this concurrency world.

I once bought some Safex and managed to bring them to my wallet, been trying to burn them from the bitcoin exchange, however unsuccessfully so far. I understand that there is a fee involved but no sure how much this will be. The below balance is what I actually own. Is that enough to complete the migration transaction?

|Pending safex|0|

Thanks for you assistance.

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For that amount you will need 6-7k Sat. for each part of the burn. 25 k Sat. will do it all I believe.


Saf3Xone, thanks.


Hi I am looking at migrating to the new blockchain. I have approx 350000 Safex, how much BTC would i require to migrate this. Also I am assuming that i will need to purchase some BTC from my exhcange and send it to my old wallet address first ?

Thanks in advance


25k… The amount is the same no matter how many coins you want to send… It only could become more if you got them send in a lot of little transactions, but in general you can assume that 25k sat is enough no matter if you have 100 safex or 1000000 safex


Ok great, thanks for the reply