Migrated, however no SAFEX


I migrated back in Feb, and since then things have been hectic for me so have not logeed in. I have just logged into teh V7.0 Wallet and it states i have 0 SAFEX, but a very small amount of BTC.

I can see the 3 transactions in my history. When i check Bloackchain explorer on each 3 transations, it says ‘Unable to decode output address’. For example: 140aa2f770368488d75b08c9df7ebf2f953e588c9c048216f359bf88aacf4806

Can somebody please provide guidance here? Im sorry in advance if i am retarded. I probably shouldn’t even be given a computer. Despite missing chromozones, i simply didn’t want to be left behind as an exmaple of our species that isn’t accepted on the mothership.

If you click on the Migrate button, does the Migration Table show values? It should. If not, then we may need to look into things further.

The v7 wallet is only for the old Blockchain.

If you need to view your SFT and SFX immediately (or transfer them), then Import your new Blockchain address into the v2 Orbiter wallet.

Otherwise, you can wait for the release of the v8 wallet.


Thanks for the speedy reply. The migrate section does show my safex value. I thought i read that the V7 won’t show the Safex, but it’s been a while and some other posts confused me. All is well then.

WIll check out Orbiter. Have not yet downloaded and used.

Thanks again


See Step 3 of my article here, I directly linked to the files for the wallet:

Your old SAFEX are now in the burn address how it should be. Your new SFT and SFX are in the new migrated “SAFEX…” address that you have to import into this wallet. This wallet/address can only process SFT and SFX, so obviously do not send any Bitcoin there.

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Hi All, I completed a successful migration in early March 2019, i can see in the history the 16/16 Confirmations and the confirmed 99,700 Safex Coins sent to the Burn Address
But unfortunately my migration table is empty and i have no values shown there.

I have recently downloaded the new Wallet and but i cannot see any of the burned 99,700 Safex Coins in my wallet.

Can someone please help.

Thank you

Using https://btc.com/ do you see three outgoing txns on your old address? (set first half, set second half, burn old coins)

i hope i did this right, i can see 7 transactions in total. three of those transactions are going out of my old address to an address which i assume is the burn address.

If you’re comfortable sharing your old address, I can take a look.

I am indeed, can i send it to you via a private message?

Sure. No problem at all

This might sound silly, but im not quite sure how i can send a private message, my first time here.

is there a way on this platform?

Messaging you now

Oh, and for future reference, to message, click on their avatar and you’ll see an option to message them. :beers: