Making Tutorials in Native Language for Safex Software


wow, this is so fascinating! keep on doing good work :ok_hand:


Really nice going gang; our list has grown tremendously and we done a good deed for the global community.

If I missed anyone so far PM me; Although I believe I’ve paid all the bounties so far. More than 120k safex paid out :slight_smile: :city_sunrise:


I wanna make a tutorial on CPU mining to the pool, including the offline wallet generator. Or shall I make two tutorials 1) mining and 2) offline wallet generator? OR Shall I wait till the new wallet is released, since these things might become irrelevant?


You can do all of the above;

And when the safex miner and safex wallet (v7) are out you can add those too


Dutch series, titles are provisional.


hindi tutorials


This round of tutorial bounties is closed; Thank you everyone who participated; it has been very fruitful :kiwi_fruit:

Stats will be posted up; Please feel free to still post up a tutorial in your native language or if think you cover information no one has presented so far!

Stay tuned, more tutorial bounties will be in the future; except for future software releases :slight_smile:




Sjiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt. I missed it. I was waiting for the new wallet before making my tutorial.


You can do one when new wallet is out; we’ll open another bounty






Any clue whether the bounty will be in sft, sfx or the old safe exchange coin?


I think it should be only in cash, that is the means of payment. :gem:


Future bounties will most likely be paid in Safex Cash. This is part of the reason for the developer fund in the airdrop.


To bad, I had hoped to raise some more token that way…

Getting some shares for contributing to the spread of SAFEX also makes logical sense in my opinion…

But using the development fund for that is also understandable, even though I would prefer it the other way…


you can always trade out your bounty for something else;

Im using my personal funds there…