Making Tutorials in Native Language for Safex Software


haha! Classic me.



Thank you very much Rich, it means a lot.

  1. How to mine to the pool from GPU

Polish language Safex Cash mining tutorial went straight to YT.

Good luck!


French Tutorial series part 1 of 3

#65 part 2 of 3 in french
cpu and gpu mining via pool xmr stak


Part 3 of 3 french series completed


I just made one in Dutch. Offline wallet generator and how to mine with a pool with Nicehash.
Tomorrow I will make one how to do it from your CPU via pool xmr stak.




Chinese coming few days


Hereby a new video “How to mine Safex cash to the pool from CPU” in Dutch, including offline wallet generator mentioned.


Arabic tutorials here full series


Slovak tutorials here full series


Tutorials in Turkish here


Chinese coming out today


Chinese full series



It’s awesome to have have Chinese tutorials now :+1:

But for further videos I suggest to change the language setting to the right language as well where possible to give an even more native feeling to the video


I support this idea, it will be more recognizable for non English audience


Did you ever installed ubuntu in chinese or japanese? they dont even have words for more specific english words, they must install english or equivalent keyboard to use cli wallet or xmr stak, it’s kinda pointless, i did it with russian and french, no need to do it imo. it’s not a newbie thing, if a chinese do not recognize a word like terminal he is not fit to compile or anything else. Japanese terminal ask yes/no, it’s not designed for people that have no experience in that.


The bigger difference is in the Windows Video

But it’s also about giving them the feeling looking a Video that’s their language…

People can understand a video with an other language for sure, but it looks more native that way and it’s not really much more work…


Bulgarian Series