Making Tutorials in Native Language for Safex Software


Two more Videos in Bisaya, one for wallet creation, the second for Cloud Mining.


If you want to solo mine under Ubuntu it’s just following this steps:

Step by Step (install and run node):

  1. Download safexd and safex-wallet-cli from
  2. Open file-browser and make a folder for the two files and put them there
  3. make a rightclick and ‘open terminal here’
  4. Copy the whole command put it in terminal and click enter

sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade && sudo apt -y install libnorm1 libpcsclite1 &&
chmod +x safex-wallet-cli safexd

  1. put in your password to allow installation

  2. wait till everything is finished

  3. Start blockchain by typing ./safexd

  4. now just let everything synchronize

Create Wallet:
9. Open a second terminal
10. type ‘safex-wallet-cli’ and click enter
11. type in a name for your wallet file and click enter
12. type ‘y’ and enter to create wallet
13. type in a password for the wallet and confirm it by typing the same a secound time
14. choose a language for wallet seed
15. store safely and unrechable for other people the 25 word phrase
16. type ‘address’ and enter
17. copy wallet adress which starts with “Safex”

Start solo mining:
18. go back to the other terminal where the blockchain is running
19. type ‘start_mining #Wallet_ADRESS# #Nuber_of_cores’ (enter your personal wallet address at #Wallet_ADRESS and the nuber of L3 Cash divided by 2 of your CPU, but max. the amount of real CPU cores as #Nubers_of_Cores )

Have fun and good luck


Pool mining is as easy as downloading the xmr-stak Software and unzip it:

if you don’t have yet create a Wallet by clicking this link:

make sure you Safe the Mnemonic seed safe and unreachable for other people (!!!)

create a txt file with the name “pools” in the xmr-stak folder and insert

“pool_list”: [
“pool_address”: “”,
“wallet_address”: “#WALLET_ADRESS”,
“rig_id”: “worker1”,
“pool_password”: “x”,
“use_nicehash”: false,
“use_tls”: false, /* Set to true if you are using an SSL port */
“tls_fingerprint”: “”,
“pool_weight”: 1
“currency”: “cryptonight_v7”,

put your Safex Adress in there instead of #WALLET_ADRESS, safe the file.
klick on the xmr-stak executable, it opens a black window, enter ‘0’ and then enter…

Voila, you are mining on Rich’s pool (if you want to mine with an other pool you just would have to change the pool_address and maybe the password…

As you see, it’s very fast and easy to do :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I decided to double the italian cover of tutorials, to make a shorter version and noob friendlier in agree with Eddie who helped me re-recording videos leaving negligible explanations and procedures, like compiling ecc. Hope you like it, this time I gave the voice to videos.
p.s we followed the same scheme of Eddie’s videos because he was more comfortable to do that way, so first one: Node through compiled versions, wallet usage backup, transfers and status and cpu solo mining.
Second one: Xmr stak Cpu and gpu via safexnews pool.
Third one Gpu solo with stratum and xmr stak.


Bisaya English and Tagalog … when she finishes work I’ll show her the videos


I can give you transcriptions of what to say in English if you want.


Really thinking to do beginners tutorial in Sardu, not for the bounty, obviously, only 1,5m speakers, it’s a funny gimmick some would like it think


I support your idea! You should do it, that’s a huge audience you can reach.


After asking a couple of people I finally was able to find someone who was tech savvy and willing enough to make Korean Videos for the bounty :slight_smile:


Still hoping to convince one of the Russian guys here as well as some other languages…


russian is being done by my friend


Maybe it needs to be on Serbian for us from Serbia. :heart_eyes:
I just join this channel, so I don’t know how it works exactly, but I write on some channels that this forum is one of the best. :hugs::star_struck:


Pm me if you want to do a tutorial


yes of course I will let you know :blush:


If you did, post it here. I have some Serbian friends in crypto world.


Hi everyone a complete series of tutorials is available in russian.
Check it here


Three new videos! Congratulations. :clap:


Thank you very much more languages to come tomorrow and next days


Huge efforts Eddie. Massive thanks for putting the effort in and finding all these language groups.

Huge thanks to everyone else too who has participated. I’ve updated Dan’s origional post and listed everyone’s video there (let me know if i’ve missed any… i normally do!).


Hey Rich, you kept your word and forgot the three Bisayan videos :wink: