Making Tutorials in Native Language for Safex Software


Many thanks Dan, working on solo Gpu rn. maybe tomorrow at late.


Made another video in french, on how to generate a SafexCash wallet and how to start mining.


have China????????


we are in need of Chinese tutorials :pray:


Chinese, Japanese, Korean… :point_left:


I’m working on an Korean guy to convince him to make a video, hope it works…


If anything is needed from us just shout out. Would be good to get some Asian focused content.


Norwegian tutorial on how to set up a node…

My first voiceover ever, it hurts :grimacing: :weary:


Awesome work Henry!

Just a little suggestion - maybe add “i Ubuntu 18” or something in the description just for some extra context.

Also - that avatar :joy:


i made another video, tutorial espanol


GPU solo mining Italian tutorial.
very satisfying to do it, audio issues solved, and better voice.


I put together a video on how to set up a node and solo/pool mine on a raspberry pi. I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but I hope it’s still useful.


Music to my ears again! so pleasure to hear from you guys in such diverse languages; Thank you!

Also for Raspberry Pi video :pray:



Hi Daniel, I’m sorry if i did not put GPU/CPU via pool in the description, but in the video i cover that part too, also on how to disable it. sorry again in the next video i will do GPu solo mining will be specified


Hey, now it get’s exotic,
I found a Filipino that liked Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies.
Made with him together a video how to set up a blockchain node under Ubuntu in his mother tongue.

Safex Cash / Safex Token logo suggestions

That is awesome! Awesome to see such a wide vareity of languages and cultres in the Safex community.


My misses is philipino and there like a million dialogs in phil if someone gives me a written English virson she can translate it in Tagalog the most common language in Philippines… sorry I’m not tech savage to do vids and mining wish I was I’ll have a miner myself if I could runing now


Waiting for dan to sell me a miner pre set ready to go hhaha plug and play


I’m posting this for kukuru32 as a new member he can’t do more than 3 replies

Tutorial Espanol GPU solo mining via monero stratum

The last video of spanish series all completed node, wallet how to, solo gpu/ cpu pool gpu/cpu


True, Bisaya is the secound bigest, Tagalog even more comon… Does she understand Bisaya aswell or only English and Tagalog?