Live Q&A with Daniel Dabek on Sunday 10th Feburary


How long after marketplace launch will divs be initiated?


How will the fact that we are unable to get listed on exchanges affect the marketplace?


Several teams have stopped developments due to running out of funds, How long can the Safex team operate without any additional funds being generated


Which Aces have you dealt to us thus far and how many other Aces are you holding in your deck currently?


Is there still plans for a mining farm? I remember reading about this many weeks ago and since then nothing.


Thank you for doing this Q&A for us. Lots of good questions here and a lot of those are questions I had also.

I won’t be able to be on Discord on Sunday during the Q&A so hopefully I have access to the recording afterwards (the last one is blocked in my country).

This is my question: Does the crash in bitcoin price and the distrust that it created in the general population bringing us further away from mass adoption change anything in your plans?

Thank you again.


By posting the view key of the V8 wallet, merchants can make their transactions available for credibility/trust rating:

Will there be a feature in the wallet which allows (selected) third parties to view transactions but not the contents of the wallet (funds)?


Hey Dan when do you expect next bullrun in 2019 or in 2020?


Hello community,

In reference to one of Ivana´s articles (“That’s why it’s not surprising that big merchants are contacting us on a daily basis to find out when are we going to release the marketplace. We have buyers and sellers “waiting in a line“ to start trading with lower transaction costs and with the global reach of crypto currencies.” - Safex Dividend Calculator — Why, What and How?, Sept 24th, 2017) I have the following question:

How many sellers do you have lined up already and what transaction volumes do you expect from these sellers in 2019?

Thanks for the effort of this Q&A !



Emilia is not on the Team page anymore, is she still working for Safex?


Is it possible or are any plans in the works to onboard video streaming and uploading capabilities to the safex blockchain like Twitch or YouTube, “SafexTube”?


What is the status of the ATMs?


Exchanges. What exchanges are you pursuing. Especially for usa.


How will the marketplace deal with any taxes and duties on items purchased through the market place?


Will the marketplace when released have a CSV file importer for easy ecommerce marketplace shift to ccommerce?


I was only able to catch first 20 min of Q&A please upload recording,


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