Live Q&A with Daniel Dabek on Sunday 10th Feburary


How will SAFEX simplify the usage of Safex Cash for mass adoption?


Has the code for “incentives” been 100% completed and is it ready for deployment on the mainnet, or do you need to still do more work/coding to make it fully functional?


Hi Dan. Several months ago, you mentioned three countries as the main focus - India, Poland and Serbia - yet we’ve heard nothing about this since then. Can you give specific examples of action steps taken in India and Poland over the past few months and discuss why these countries were selected, particularly given how anti-crypto the Indian government is?


Hi Rich. Thanks for doing the Q and A.

My question is a technical one in regards to how the marketplace will store data. Image files and listing info data will need to be stored somewhere. Will this all be stored on the safex blockchain? Wouldnt that slow the chain like for example “crypto kitties and ETH” ? Will there be a second layer for this stuff? The old Safex website had Blocknet as a partner. Is there any plans to use blocknet protocol in the running of the marketplace? Kind of like a second layer for data.


What happened to marketing and getting safex on exchanges, like it was mentioned multiple times that there is marketing team and also exchanges guy. CoinDeal was voted by community, so no points goes to safex team :slight_smile:


When will safe exchange coin, safex token and safex cash be listed on exchanges that have volume? There was talk about 70m+ volume exchange but that was abandoned.



Will the marketplace be interoperable with other blockchains ?

**Will Safex cash rely on a stablecoin or be pegged to one once the marketplace is established to avoid market manipulation through volatility so that safex can decouple from BTCs swings ? **

What other regions or jurisdictions are you interested in apart from the Balkans ?

When ATMs ?


Why were the marketing initiatives announced 14 months ago here abandoned?


What is the success criteria’s for Safex marketplace?


If safex cash is meant to be stable (because of the innovative emission curve) then why do you expect safex cash price to increase, shouldn’t it stay stable?


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Will the marketplace be interoperable with other blockchains ?


Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. Look forward to the Q&A video since I won’t be able to join you on Discord. Here’s my question.

There was talk for a while of a V8 wallet that never happened. What was that supposed to be and why was it cancelled?


I has never been clear to me why the listing of Safe Exchange Coin was never compliant to the Safex data concerning the true Market Cap and/or Circulating Supply. I was also unclear to me to see the value of SEC in the Safex wallet different to CMC. Now we have Safex Token en Safex Cash, but I don’t see any initiatives to try and get it listed except for CMC and Coingecko. There are many other listings available. People use this for a reference. Is there any need/desire for the Safex team to get SFT & SFX up to date on the main market cap websites? We should. Proudly!

cmc; coingecko; coinpaprika; coincheckup; coincap; coinlib; coinratecap; coinlore; cryptocompare; bitinfocharts; coincodex etc… etc…


How will people be able to purchase safex cash to use on the marketplace if they can’t buy it anywhere (there are no exchanges for it)? Same goes for the token, since you can’t buy it anywhere, people won’t be able to purchase it and receive the safex cash dividends from the marketplace. I’m wondering how that type of marketplace can work.


Safex Cash is listed on CoinDeal and Instant Bitex.


Why is there a V8 wallet for Mcafee and not for the Safex project itself?


Will there be a marketing campaign on instagram?
They have users and ecommerce apps like 'Wish’ reached 1B trade volume just with adds on instagram.


After the delistings of the old coin, we got on no exchanges except TradeSatoshi. Now we have Safex Token and Safex Cash and we can’t get that listed anywhere (except for two no-volume exchanges). I think safex token is even on only one of those two exchanges. Why is it impossible to get these listed on exchanges?


Migration from Safex coin to Safex token os around 30% right now. The original Safex can bring lots of future confusion.

Besides burning those 30%, can the remaining zombie Safex coins on Omni be inutilized (mainly on exchanges) somehow or they are eternally with us (after nov19, of course)?

Right now, as none of them pays dividend, they are only appreciated for trading. And SECs have better price than SFTs lol