Live Q&A with Daniel Dabek on Sunday 10th Feburary


The next live Q&A with @dandabek will be held on Sunday 10th of February at 6PM CET (GMT/UTC+1) on the official Discord voice channel (Apologies those who thought it would be on the 5th - unfortunately something has come up and we needed to change the date).

A recording of the Q&A will be uploaded to the Safex News YouTube channel for those who might miss it.

You may submit your questions in this thread. They will be read out to Daniel during the Q&A. If time permits, we will then open the questions to the audience to answer anything that wasn’t covered.

To submit a question:

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Discord invite:



Where do you see safex in 6 months?


how far is the development of the marketplace ?


Will San Francisco be the 2nd headquarters for Safex and if so what will be the functions of it?


Marketing strategy outline your overall game plan for finding clients and customers for Safex and details how you’ll achieve those goals.


When will the mining farm/farms be operational and will that coincide with being able to purchase cards?


What’s the upcoming roadmap? There’s marketplace, wallet release, mining facility, ATM, etc but is there a clear priority on the goals?


Hi, Eddie995 here, looking at the roadmap the path seems logical to me, I see it as alpha(v0.2), beta(v0.3) and release candidate(v0.4), I just have the feeling that timing between those phases should be exactly calculated, its not about when, but there will be a constant flow of action?
So my question is, after first marketplace iteration, is it planned to build the platform at a constant pace in order to allow audience to expand possibilities without having too much “dead” time in between those phases? thank you


Thank you for taking the time to do a Q&A for us. Here’s my question.

What is the status on the SAFEX / EXPERTY partnership that was announced here. Are they using the SAFEX blockchain?

Thank you


Dan, various target network hashrates have been mentioned in recent months, particularly with regard to the additional implementation of the mining farms. What minimum hashrate do you feel must be achieved so you feel comfortable launching the MP?


When is the marketplace getting released?


What happened to the Safe Exchange Coin vote on Coindeal? Right when we were about to win, they removed it without any explanation.


We heard very little about the people behind Balkaneum… (talk about him/them?)
Did those financing Balkaneum give you a time frame to realize the SAFEX project?



Do you still think that the marketplace will reach 500m in 2019?


Have you had thoughts about implementing a credit card/debit card third party payment system where your payment converts directly to SFX and you purchase the good/service seamlessly? Unsure if this is viable, but a simplified buying experience seems to be a critical factor to reach the $500m marketplace volume.


The Black Friday to Christmas Shopping Promotion is set for 2019 or 2020 ???


Will you be able to post brief weekly development progress updates to this forum until the marketplace is released?

it will also be good to know, regarding marketplace development, what is still do be done to get divs payments to SFT holders.


Can you explain the cause of all those delays. MP was supposed to be released Q2 of 2018. Then it was guaranteed to be released by Black Friday 2018. Now someone in Discord said Q1 2019. Why did the marketplace get delayed so many times?


When can we expect the release of the Safex Marketplace whitepaper?


My question is about the mobile app for the marketplace. I’ve never personally bought anything from amazon or eBay from my pc or laptop, always via mobile phone. How far down the line is this after marketplace release.
Edit. Dan mentioned on the discord that he’s either hired or hiring an app developer. Can you elaborate on this and what kind of timeframes you think it will take to build and release? Thanks