Little problem


Hello there. Last night i made a migration and unfortunately just minutes after i lost my secret spend and view address. I have my safex adress and access to my safex wallet of course.
If i lost these 2 adresses, are my tokens lost somehow?
Additionally, safex didn’t appear on my wallet. It only says that some of them migrated. Will they appear someday?
There’s everything on the photo.


Just to confirm - when you say you lost your secret spend and view keys, did you lose the file? The application should have prompted you to save it.

The actual migration process happens in batches. So most likely the next batch will be included in the next payment run.


Try just to to reset the migration address and send both halfs of new address. I don’t know for 100% sure, but it Dan said something that sounded like if you reset adress before the migration script runs over your transaction it might take the new instead of the first adress

You could try, you can’t loose more than the transaction cost for that try


But on the other hand, probably the keys are still saved somewhere in the wallet application and if so they would appear in v8 when installed over your current wallet


If you do the “export unencrypted”

All keys ever used on the app that were used will be saved in that file.


Thanks man, happy new year! Wish you all the best.