List of CPU & GPU mining speeds with Safex Cash



Brought up my other rig with 4xVega56 - CC 1450MHz, MC 960MHz

I have 4 more cards to hook up, just testing for stability first before I bring them all online



If anyone is interested, i’ll be creating a site similiar to but focused specifically on Safex Cash.

it’ll be a searchable index of all different hardwares and how much hash rate each device gets. Combined with some suggested configuration figures for those who are using XMR-Stak.


Great stuff Rich

PM me if you need a hand with any of it.

I’ll definitely make sure all my stats get posted :slight_smile:


Also, perhaps include a section for each of the major mining applications

XMR-Stak and Cast-XMR are quite popular, so we can at least provide some optimization advice regardless of what the end user is using


I think i need some staff!

That’s a lot of info to process - but as a community effort it’ll get done in no time!


Well, I’m available to assist. Just let me know where you need a hand


Thank you @dandabek for your response.

How lucky we are in the Safex Community to have such a dedicated and caring CEO and Chief Architect! :pray:

I’m really proud of you and the Safex team (i.e., Balkaneum, Ivana, Rich.Bate, and all others who have worked so hard towards the success of this project)!!!

I’m excited about the future of the Safex Marketplace. If and when your team of developers are able to, please continue to add new features to the Wallet so that I will be able to determine the Cost Basis of any Safex Token or Safex Cash which I earn through Airdrops, market revenue, purchases, and spending. I shamefully admit that I don’t know how to do these things.

Please seriously consider this request for those of us living in the United States so that I will be able to freely enjoy spending and earning Safex Cash and potentially Safex Tokens once the marketplace is launched.


Thank you @ZenViolence for your response!

I’m in the “Less concerned with the monetary reward, and more concerned with helping the blockchain function,” camp. I’ve been with the Safex project since just before the beginning of Fall 2017. What I meant was that my Laptop is quite old and with the cpu running at 100% I didn’t think I was making much of a contribution.

Proudly, I sold every other cryptocurrency I had to buy Safex and had to spend a lot of money to be able to use my credit card to make purchases for Bitcoin with a foreign exchange to buy Safex. It was Dan Dabek and his vision and the Safex Community that strongly motivated me to jump on board with all that I could afford.

I’ll stick with 1-click miner now that I know I’m benefitting all of us. Thank you for your advice!


When you’re about 100h/s away from 15KH/s…


Running the below config on 8xVega56