Let’s list SFT and SAFEX on CoinDeal


Dear Safex Community,

Round no. 2 starts today!

Let’s prove once again who’s the Best Crypto Community!

Vote to list Safex Token and Safe Exchange Coin on CoinDeal! Vote for them daily!

Cast your vote :arrow_right: https://coindeal.com/vote

Thank you All for Your Support!


I’m all registered and ready to vote :sunglasses:


We’re winning this!



If you didn’t already, cast your vote on: https://coindeal.com/vote,

Remember, we have to vote daily. One more week left, let’s win this!


Winning on CoinDeal is a commUNITY effort!
We are in this together!


This week CoinDeal will announce the winner; only few days left, every vote counts :muscle: :muscle:


Safex Token wins! :clap::clap:
One super team effort resulted in listing Safex Token on CoindDeal platform
Safex is heading in the right direction!


Superb effort this few weeks! A massive well done to Safex community! :raised_hands:


Unfortunately, Safe Exchange Coin didn’t make it to the top two on Coindeal.
It would be nice that we, as a community, show our support and keep on voting for SAFEX on a daily basis.

Let’s win this final round! :point_right: https://coindeal.com/vote