Just something I'm curious about (wallet)


I completed my migration to the new blockchain. But under “wallet”, now it just says that I have zero safex. You have to go the “migrate” button in order to see your “migrated balance”. My balance is there, and it shows that number in green color. I also see my safex cash. So my question is, since this is going to be the new tokens, shouldn’t they be under “Wallet” and not “migrate” now? Since the old bitcoin blockchain is being done away with, wouldn’t my safex tokens and safex cash now show up under the “wallet” button? Instead of the wallet button saying that I have a zero balance. Just something I was curious about.


This wallet version was most likely a transitional wallet from the old to the new , im sure the new wallet version will reset the whole UI though we still have a year before migration is closed !


It doesn’t show SFT balance since v7 is still Omni Wallet with added migration function. you can check your balance using either McAfee miner/wallet or CLI wallet


Oh ok so the new wallet, will show Safex tokens and safex cash, instead of the old stuff. And it will all just look normal. So to be clear, as long as my version 7 wallet shows a “Migrated Balance”, then I’ve successfully migrated? It shows a migrated balance in green. Which is the same number of safex that I’ve always had. Gotta ask because this is something you don’t want to get wrong.


yes if you see the migrated balance everything is good.


Thank you jerry!