John McAfee's prediction for Safex! Must see!



$5:00 by August 10th. Really would be great for the Safex team.


The guy is quite crazy imo, but the visibility he can provide for Safex will be very useful at the right time. :slight_smile:


This is a little nutty. By Aug 10? Any significance to that very exact date? I for one, hope it is a little more gradual and adoption and use over time. Consistent dividends and not monster pump and dumps of price of coin trying to copy what Bitcoin did. This is a much needed critical step in crypto and a bunch of overnight millionaires being five dollars that fast selling off will only hurt the growth long term. I will be very happy 1.00 by end of year


@Sikorsky24 If Dan gets this listed on an exchange before August this is going to happen for sure.


5$ is a bit too much, it would mean 10B + marketcap. Cant see that happening this year, and in this market.

Id be happy with 0.3-0.5 eoy.


Crypto is bigger than the exchanges exchanges they are listed on and those planning that aren’t really thinking the potential just monetary gain so again I stand by what I said and hope it doesn’t get ridiculously influenced by quick buckers


if its not on exchanges the price isnt going to be moving much. im surprised this isnt on graviex or crypto bridge