Is this the move?


Looks like we could be launching!


Might be pump group


Daniel had an interview with Forbes


Is there a link?


It looks like a pump type scheme. There’s a huge sell wall on Bittrex. I mean huge.


Forbes?! Omg, that’s huge! You have a link guys?


I’m still new to reading these charts but this looks like a thing. Bittrex


It was slow paced all morning but right after on bittrex it was crazy


Looks promising, but I’m not optimistic it will consolidate near 600. Great to see new interest, but I’ll be waiting in the wings at 474 again :slight_smile:



What the hell did I just watch


I concur in the strongest possible terms.


I think this might be a good week end for SAFEX. Hopefully the team at SAFEX keep on pursuing this 100%, it might be the Ebay of Crypto


Just gotta wait. I’m not selling safex until it hits at least $1.00, but if it goes up to $1.00 any time in the next couple of months, I’ll be waiting until it goes to $4 or $6


once the wallet is out, the price will pump big time


you can generate public and private key from and store your coins there.


Neo is my favourite crypto, but their wallet is a bit amateur looking and their shiny new website is sluggish and poorly designed. Safex did a much better job of rebranding the website and by the look of screenshots their wallet looks way better - and looks make a big difference. I know the delay in the wallet is really annoying a lot of people, but the team are far more communicative than the neo team. The WORST thing that could happen is dropping a flashy too wallet too early and then getting caught out by bugs (you don’t want to see what that headline would do to your shares). Testing/deployment takes as long as it takes, and sometimes it throws up unexpected delays. It’s ready when it’s ready is a better approach than chucking it out to meet a deadline and then patching any issues on the fly.

#20 try this.


You can use to generate keys as well. The keys are BTC address keys the same as was creating.

#24 can check your balance from omni explorer