Investing big...Safex > Chille coins?


just like that


Will you get Chille coins in a Bittrex wallet or only in de SAFEX wallet?


What are the advantages of the SAFEX wallet?


You only get dividend using Safex wallet, but it’s not for a while


Currently how it is set up (it’s possible this could change) is that once the Chille marketplace launches all Safex holders will receive dividends based on the sale volume in the marketplace. These dividends will be paid out as Chille coins, and they will be delivered to you via airdrop into your Safex wallet. In order to receive these dividends your Safex coins must be stored in your Safex wallet.

Currently the Safex wallet doesn’t have a whole lot going for it, as all of the benefits (receiving dividends, and voting on marketplace issues) are dependent on the Chille marketplace being launched, which is still months away. So if you are uncomfortable with a PC wallet that doesn’t have 2FA protection then feel free to move your Safex coins to a wallet of your choice. However you should stay up to date with the Safex and Chille project so you know when to transfer your Safex coins into the proper wallet so you don’t miss out on any dividends.