[Interview] Safex Founder talks crypto, blockchain, timelines on his dex marketplace and more on Crypto Beadles



Dan’s got a point, we’re always talking about technology innovation, not about innovative business model. Interesting to hear how will marketplace evolve in the next few years


So true, tech innovation might bring great products, but not a growth engine around business model. This is how magic of business innovation happens!


what about that article Dan mentioned about Safex not being a security?


this is that legal analysis he talked about in the video: https://medium.com/@DanielDabek/safex-bittrex-delisting-situation-d8ebfb82d2d1


Does Safex ever make use of their lawyer Paul Dalton? I’ve only seen Dan retweet him. Couldn’t he use his legal expertise to get us back on Bittrex or a legal confirmation that Safex is not a security? Ethereum had to be confirmed recently by the SEC to not be a security, so I don’t see how could be any different.


Well, Dan mentioned his lawyer in this video, not sure if he was referring to Paul Dalton.
We’ll gain so much if he proves once for all Safex can’t be classified as a security.