[Important Notice] Bittrex Wallet removal on January 30, 2019


Hello Safex community,

As all of you know, Bittrex closed trading of Safe Exchange coins just over a year ago.

If you have any left there you should withdraw them before January 30th.
Login to https://www.bittrex.com and move all your Safe Exchange coins (SAFEX) to an official wallet or other exchange.

If you have any issues withdrawing your balances before the January 30 deadline, immediately file a support ticket at: https://support.bittrex.com

Let’s get those 110 million coins left on Bittrex somewhere safe!


I would like to withdraw but my amount is too small to pay the fee :thinking:
My Safex’s will disappear.


Sadly that’s true. You can’t withdraw if your balance is below the minimum withdrawal requirement


Hi BlueBiddy,
Thank you for the information.
Which would you do, to move SAFEX to an official wallet or other exchange?
I wish to sell SAFEX and buy Bitcoin, but I don’t know which exchange can do that.
Thank you.


You can sell Safex on tradesatoshi.com


Hi, GetGriffin. Thank you so much for your information.
I really appreciate it.


Why would you sell, price is quite low. I’d rather move them to wallet and hodl.
I’m certain that holding Safex will make significant gains once mp is launched. Safex will play important role in reshaping current ecommerce, so it will be the one coin you want to have in your portfolio.


Happy year ahead for Safex <3


Really satisfied with how much has been delivered the past year :sunny:


Thank you, BlueBiddy for sharing your thought.
I would create Safex Wallet & move them this week.
Have a good one!