I want a safex shirt


@Power I know which one do you mean. It is great one but I guess it is limited edition or something because i saw it only once. In other video and photo they have standard ones -which are great also.

@jcasale thanks for sharing this!


I am preparing for mining safex cash so I decided to make my own Safex mining t-shirt. :pick::pick::pick:

It will be finished during next week (just couple of days before mining starts). :clapper:
I will post the photos here! :tshirt: :tshirt::tshirt:


Oooh please post here, I m really interested in and I want to order either!


My safex miner t-shirt is ready… :dark_sunglasses:


Can we see it? :smiley:


would like one too but ive been banished from discord !


Post it here please :heart_eyes::star_struck:


we are impatient to see it! :joy::joy::joy: