I want a safex shirt


@dandabek please respond to this thread :smiley: I think we all want a safex tshirt or hoodie :dancer:


Now we’re talking a hoodie. Yes please hahaha


Maybe this is the first Mechant store on the alpha blockchain? :wink:


Yeah mate thats what i reckon. Who is going to throw there hand up. Anyone knows who makes shirts


I just thought of a huge idea, holy fuck.

I wanna say it, but someone would steal my idea and do it hahahaha

Could make $$$$$$$$ legit


This is what it is about my freind go for it


Hoodies sounds great guys. But I’d be happy to showcase a safex mankini. That would sure grab some attention


Maybe I could look into someone in Brisbane to get involved? Maybe we could get some info together to find a supplier for the Australian market. Marketing the trade name ofcourse this would have to be asked and confirmed by higher powers @dandabek


Mate we gonna hold you to that one hehe. Then people will definately think its a new condom brand.




My buddy runs a screen printing shop. I’ve already reached out to him. When the alpha marketplace hits – bam.


Nice mate i will get one


Better yet, y’all all sell Safex shirts on the competition’s systems.

For instance:
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Did you guys check out http://moongear.io

There’s also a contest in Reddit ending tomorrow for the next community t-shirt. A few individuals in the community submitted there’s.


Yeah seems to be a few… Im from Adelaide but live in Thailand.


Thailand might be difficult but we do ship to Australiaif you still have an address there. Btw there’s a winner for the contest. T-shirt will be available in a few weeks @ https://moongear.io


I heard that Safex t-shirt may be available on Safex Marketplaces ! waiting for that because i need to order at least 30 pcs.for promoting Safex :facepunch: :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: if someone have any info if we can get them quicker I would be glad for help. thx!


I like it, i heard the same, not only t shirts:heart_eyes: I think on Safex marketplace we will have a huge offer of everything! Cant wait! :heart_eyes::blush::relaxed::kissing_closed_eyes:


Hi @MalagaCrypto @Maria
A fellow Safexian has produced some Safex T Shirts available from Amazon for now until the Safex marketplace is ready for commerce.

Check out the following link on Reddit:

Best Wishes!


I want to buy Safex shirt with spaceman on it! :rocket: Daniel worn it on some videos.