How to promote SAFEX in your country


If you want to help SAFEX and share our revolutionary project, you can translate SAFEX videos into your language.

If you have other ideas for promoting SAFEX, do not hesitate to post ideas in this post.

In SAFEX We Trust ! We will do it guys :muscle:


We could also create a Wikipedia page for SAFEX


@NoirCap1 There is a Safe Exchange Coin Wiki that was recently announced on the Safex Reddit site:

Hopefully a Wikipedia page for SAFEX will soon follow :+1:




I would like to help with making Wikipedia page for Safex. I can put links here and write couple of paragraphs.
Also, about promotion. I think we can all do this for safex project:

  1. Write an article about Safex and post it on Medium, Steemit, Linkedin with relevant links. It can be in english or mother language. Maybe you can contact @Rich.bate and ask him to publish it on Safex News.
  2. If you have Youtube channel, do video about Safex.
  3. Organize some meetup about Safex or just start with going to other relevant meetups and talk about Safex.
  4. Translate Bluepaper, videos, infographics…


@Power great idea. Im all in :tada:


How did you come up with this idea? The teams usually write and communicate in English exclusively, so it is refreshing when someone has different approach in communication. GO SAFEX!


I think even though people do understand English, it is much easier for them to think about new ideas in their mother thong. :flags: We have a lot of Polish people in the community and they even have their own facebook page. We should definitely do something for local communities. :star2:


international meetups this is what we want! and i belive translation of articles to different language and subtitles in the video could a a profitable thing. there is still a lot of people who dont understand english or just those who prefer comunicate in mother tongue.


Yeah, I think we should definitely translate materials because the topic is still new and hard to understand even for the english speakers. Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will happen once a common man is able to understand it and use it. So the best way to promote safex is to educate people in their mother tongue.