How to move Safex coin from omniwallet to bittrex?


I’ve got in blocktrail. Not even sure what I’m looking for. Where do I find the txid?


If you enter the address you sent from then there should be a list of the BTC transactions that have occurred for this address. Pick the one where you sent safex to bittrex and there should be a transaction ID (txid). Just click on it and a new page for just that transaction should open and in it has some details about the BTC transaction.


I was able to put the address in It just says unconfirmed and unable to decode output address. That’s what I see on the other sites.

And again, thanks for spending your time on this.


In the image I show where to find txid. Just click on the txid

Might not be of much use, but gives you something to do while waiting


Yeah, I clicked on the Txid and it shows same info.


Unconfirmed and not much else as far as I can tell.

Under output scripts the last one says op_return and status says “strange,” in red. Great.


Normal for omni (safex) transactions. Just checked some of my old ones


Rob, I appreciate you damnit! Truly. It’s a bummer to sit like this but nothing I can do. I’m going to try just keep living my life. At least Safex rebounded some. :slight_smile:


I still have 1015 stuck on this wallet… here is the key… i donate these to the forum user who first finds them and can retrieve these free coins… I have tried to get help but I am stuck… and no longer care about this safex thing… bigger and better out there.
the omni wallet does not work… here is 1000 free coins to pass around and see if you have any luck… KzbFN5DrJzc1JQBkqr5ACTd4eoTDzPEW7iNMGTB8xjZASh2gMdiH


II’m having a similiar problem, except with 10000, some how my coins are at a different address then the address and keyset, Im in possesion of. I m not sure whats going, gonna keep my fingers crossed and have some faith.


For starters that key’s address has never had any transactions ever. No wonder you cannot feed any values into the send feature of any wallet. There is nothing (not any coins) to send. Also to import it into you need to translate the private key into another encoding (Private Key WIF) since has trouble inporting other encodings of the private key

That private key’s address is 1FA4wbM15EqpKDDCfauUpXWoLkjLi4eNGv


Does anyone know how to move safex to bittrex? I stored my safex in OmniExplorer. I followed these instructions: How do I store offline safex coins from bittrex?


I tried moving from omni wallet. Transaction still unconfirmed for 14 hours now.


how can I send some bitcoin for fee in safex wallet?which one is the address to send bitcoin?cause otherwise I don’t have btc for fee so I can’t send my safex coins from safex wallet to bittrex.Can anyone help me please?