How do I store offline safex coins from bittrex?


Got it. That’s what I figured; I would need a wallet in order to access them. No, I’ve got no plans to sell but want to be comfortable buying more. I’m going to send all my safex over there. Can I send other coins I’m holding over there as well or is there a finite amount of approved coins and a list?

Again, thanks for the info and I appreciate your patience. If you need anything from me, e.g. a few kind words, simple writing, some NY pizza et. all, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

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:+1: I’m glad to hash out this dialogue, I am comfortable knowing your coins have been stored adequately.

You can store Bitcoins at that address, but not coins that using other protocols. Only ones using same like bitcoin keys.


Thank you for posting this information. I bought my coins on the site and sent them all to my SEC wallet on the Bittrex exchange. Of course I don’t want to leave them all on the exchange so this post really helps me a lot. THANK YOU! :slight_smile:


Hello all,

I just purchaed a few coins. Made my keys and all. But i have to ask how secure is this webpage? is it using blockchain :slight_smile:
Why not use the technology we are investing in right? :slight_smile:

I like this coin and the team sees solid. Wish you (us) good luck!
Please keep up informed about the progress. That is what makes me invested in a tech/company/coin…


@vampyren, when did you use the site to get coins?

The site is secure, and the coins exist on the bitcoin blockchain. Indeed we will migrate the safex coins into the chille blockchain.

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@dandabek , Thanks! I purchased from Bittrex but send it to the following the video guide.
Hope i can get the coins back once the wallet is available.

Dont see anyway to send the coins from there to any other place…


did you copy down the private keys in “step 2”?


Yes sure, i printed out the private key.


Are there any clear instructions on how to move Safex from to someplace else such as Bittrex? (I have read thru the thread and have my private keys).


Do I have to set up a wallet on


Not too sure


Sorry can’t post in the other thread due to post limit


This should help!



I’ve just purchased safex and when I go to bittrex to transfer, it says I don’t have sufficient funds. I’ve waited 24 hours to make sure the transfer is complete and I’ve checked omni explorer and it does show that my “units” are there.

Thanks for the help


I have a Ledger Nano S.

Can I store my SAFEX there?


I bought yesterday and on bittrex and normally transfer to my wallet which i generated using KEY GENERATOR on
web page. you have learning section here


Not recommended. I thing Daniel Dabek said that because procedure is very difficult to claim safe coins. There is answer somewhere on this forum



Can I use generator? It prints nice paperwallets… and it’s offline.
Can I also use BIP38?



Hey, @dandabek, you liked my post. Does that mean it’s ok to send my Safex to the address generated by bitaddress?
(what about BIP38?)



You can use an address generated on since they are standard Bitcoin addresses; however, BIP38 is not supported by the Safex Wallet