Harbinger #2 LIVE 21HRS GMT Monday 13th Feb 2K17


Harbinger #2
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A pleasure to speak with you tonight as always @we-advance!


Huge s/o to @dallyshalla tonight’s Harbinger was an insightful discussion
The attatched video includes the visuals which weren’t screen shared
network99 Development update/roadmap February 2k17

#the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING


Even though rap is not my favorite genre, I loved how your voiced was mixed into that rap in the end Tim. Goes to show you that when artist collaborate you can produce something new which can be enjoyed by a wider range of people.

I also love how you are injecting art into your platform with color coding. Art is a universal language indeed and you are smart to be designing this way.

Go N99!


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Cinematic Rappers By Phantom Enigma

#the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING