EXCLUSIVE: John McAfee Talks About His CPU Mining App and Safex


Don’t anybody take this the bad way, I’m not attacking anybody’s opinions.
It’s I feel that this world is sometimes overpopulated by posers !
That be in politics, business, workplace…
Posers are governed and worry about political correctness !
I for one am sick and tired of posers !
And find it refreshing when I see doers !
And Dan is a doer !

A poser as a fake made up personality !
A doer as a real personality !

Why have we as humans gotten to be afraid of real personality ?
Do we find comfort in the fake ?
Like news anchors, politician, etc ?

Controllers have dictated what you are allowed to say and do in medias !
If you can’t just be yourself, you become fake !

I long for we the people to rule again !
I long to see real people be successful and free !
Free from overbearing PC.
Free from the controllers that want to rule your life !


Not sure what you mean to be honest. You can be a doer but if you want people to listen to you and follow you then you need to show respect to others. You also need to be able to motivate and explain about your vision.
Frankly i have lost some of my faith now considering the conversation and reception of feedback we are providing. Google what a leader does when provided with feedback.