Exchange Listings Fundraiser - Let's do it!


The SAFEX Team has always been there for us , whenever we have any issues or questions (use of wallet, security of private keys,delisting,mining,migraton…) they are here to help us ,on this forum or discord,youtube etc. They are the best team in the crypto world.
We need this for CoinMarketCap listing the sxt and sfx !!!
Support the SAFEX Team with a very simple way - contribute to the fundraiser .
Don’t think of it as a donation , think of it like buying a drink to a member of the Safex Team .
We all gain from this.
The more the better of course , but all we need are 6000 people with an average donation of 10 $ !!! I am sure that there are plenty more all over the world.
Let’s go contribute and spread the news !!!

P.S. in my point of view we need an exchange mainly for SFX and not for SFT.
Also COINDEAL is rising everyday . Is it possible to add SFT before November without knowing the exact amount of coins left … ?


SFT is already listed on CoinDeal


Correct Sft is already listed on coin deal,but Americans can’t join coin-deal so we need a American friendly exchange, without NYC


Correct. As an another American investor, this is why we need both token and cash listed on an exchange like TradeSatoshi that all investors already use. If anyone in this forum is in discord as well, use the donate functions and donate sfx to the cause


As long as SFT isn’t listed anywhere (except one), a lot of people will not migrate. So an exchange is needed before the November deadline.

I understand SFT is on Coindeal but that exchange is not available for a lot of people.


No its not. I run a mining pool and a discord and i offer escrow services for sft and sfx sells. Most people who have used the service so far is US


Safex cash and Safex Token are listed on Coindead, safex coin is listed on Trade Satoshi. We can forget about the coin and concentrate on getting Sfx listed for the market place.


so we need one exchange for the United States and one for Asia mainly China,Taiwan as they hold a large amount of merchants.
Coindeal has a 24hr volume of 10 millions not bad at all and holds 79th position on Coinmarketcap.
SFT and SFX are listed on Coindeal - Coindeal is listed on Coinmarketcap so why SFT and SFX are not listed on Coinmarketcap …?


You need both coins on more than 2 exchanges is my understanding. Safex token was on 3 so it gets reported.


Safe exchange coin was listed a long time ago, when Bittrex total daily volume was 5 bitcoins.

Times have changed dramatically, we need two solid exchanges. Still trying to sort out instantbitex whatever their problem is, I hope and believe it will resolve eventually.

In the meantime I am aiming to get listed on Mercatox as a first step: it has a lot of crypto core community of traders, and I believe it is catering to US customers as well.

Absolute fact! if just 200 of us threw in 100$ we get the pedal to the metal. Consider the returns that could come from gaining the exposure and further access to our market. So it should pay off long run.