Excellent talk on Safex Migration with Marko Atanasievski - Safex MeetUp



I’m glad Safex Team is also focused on mass adoption. Lack of education is reason why digital currencies are not commonly used yet.


agree on that, breaking down complex concepts is a must when it comes to understanding crypto and blockchain and events, like Safex Meetup, are perfect for that


Is this meetup in Serbia? When is the next meetup? I need to go, I live in Belgrade, so I can’t wait for the next one!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes, Safex meetups are held in Belgrade, Serbia every two weeks. They have meetup this week, on November 1st, so if you’re around don’t miss it. Also, make sure to follow https://twitter.com/Belgrade_Crypto and https://twitter.com/Safex_Srbija


Yes I already saw the event, I will come to meetup, and I will post pics here :heart_eyes: