ETC - Ethereum Classic


Ethereum forked, and now two chains exist. This is the pair for the old chain.


It’s really catching on, sincerely picked up some at .00055


Wish I had bought more; turned out to be the right move to make :sunrise_over_mountains:


saw this thnx dally i bought some ETC too not as good as u .0007 :smiley:


Looks a bit like a pump and dump, though the dump is to only about 40% lower from 0.0047 down to 0.0025; I think that ETC can maintain its price and rise, assuming hash rate will continue to rise. Also a major factor is that there are fewer ETC than the previous ETH.

Biggest risk factor is a 51% attack against the Ethereum Classic network. That would require millions of dollars in GPUs and also software engineering know how to perform a successful intricate damage to the ETC blockchain. I’m maintaining the theory that that is unlikely to happen.


Ethereum Classic I think is more than a pump and dump. There are 1000s of bitcoins going into collecting these coins.

The reddit community is continuously growing, Ethereum The forked version is dumping in price. And not much margin shorting happening on Ethereum forked version, as noticed by record high Lending availability for ETH and there is a small volume of BTC available to borrow which is necessary to pump coins on poloniex.

BTC started out at around 8000 btc available to borrow, on the way up with ETH more than 6000 BTC was consumed from lending.

ETH lending availability is at its highest in a while, all month ETH lending has been around 150,000 now it is 380,000.

This means price is going down from people outright selling ETH, and not from margin speculative shorting, and on the other side there is a huge exposure to margin long.

I think that this is because people are buying ETC and selling ETH. One asset is high (eth) the other asset is low (etc) and they both can fulfil the same purpose, like if cow’s milk is more expensive, maybe substitute with goat’s milk since its less expensive. Only naturally they meet in the middle somewhere from supply and demand. ETC being the more reliable chain IMO because it has constancy no bailout forks…

ETH - Ethereum

ETC reminds me alot for Bitcoin

i wish its project very well

i trust ETC like Bitcoin and with Etereum foundation i was big skeptic


That Ethereum Classic up big time…


Nearly 2 weeks on ETC… Taking the stairs up again right now


Classic sliding off of heights. Could be opportunity.

Basically this is the price now.


ETC Under huge pressure. The supposed “White Hat” DAO hackers are selling a portion and have supposedly already sold some of the 7.2 million ETC they “securely” drained from the DAO.


Coin most likely to grow ^^



The DAO “White Hat” “Robin Hood Group” tried to sell the ETC from the Classic DAO and got frozen at the exchanges.

ETC weathering some of these storms (big sell offs), and transfer of the token from ETH “maximalists” to general populace


some etc price analysis, caught between the 50% and 61.8% retracement, right into support we’ll see either a break or bounce

not feeling very well this week, btw,


Hey, wish you well man!


Thanks @uqaz, started end of last week, hard to focus and disoriented feeling. Yesterday, agreed that I’ve got basically a cold (irritated throat and nose), starting to feel much better compared to Sunday-Wednesday



One day ETC will pump one day… ;D


epic dump happened on ETC today… we’ll see where this thing goes… ETH got some rally so clearly the profits went there.