Is there a minimum amount of SAFEX required to receive dividends? If so, what is the minimum number required?


I believe you will receive dividends base on the amount you hold
I’m pretty sure there is no minimum

Check out SafeX on youtube


im looking for a definite answer on this.


I was just about to ask a similar question. If SEC gave you gas or dividends if you hold them in the Safex wallet


There is no definitive answer ATM. You’ll find that answer out in 3 months when development of Chille chain is finished.


I don’t think this is an unreasonable request. The entire point of investing in this coin for me is the dividends. Otherwise I’ll just trade it and treat it like anything else. Hopefully a dev or someone reputable can chime in with a clear interpretation of the dividend requirements if any are needed.


Your dividends come from the fees which gathers from a few things on the Chille chain. Mostly the fees in place when you list an item on the exchange. Is that what you’re asking? Or are you after numbers? Because the numbers haven’t been set yet and they are being worked on over the next few months.


If that’s the case then that is extremely misleading to investors. Very disappointing, although I’d still like a response from someone on the team about this.


Every safex holder Will receive dividends proportionally to their share. Theres no other way to do this. A long time Ago i Saw a vídeo with dabek explaining this



Do you guys think this can hit 20$ a coin in a year or so?


I think $25 in 4 years, 5 max.


Dont get your panties in a knot??