December 15th, message



Dan, can the team fast track safex exchange and chillie coin? I think it’s very needed and while safex is getting a lot attention could be a optional to secure a good future of safex as they say any publicity is good publicity safex team just needs to act on it, use it to safex advantage:)
Blockchain only got popular cause it was going against the trend


I bought safeX through coinspot and it sat there in there wallet. Have I lost my coins .?


Hell NO you haven’t lost your coins
They can’t take them from you.


Thanks for your reply. I was stressing hard.


Don’t know if you will be able to buy and sell there again tho , I have enough just need to wallet them , just unfortunate to those who haven’t got enough yet, I just want safex up and running never selling my coins


Sell.? NEVER!!!


So how will I get my coins then ?


Hey man, how much is enough of safex though. I only managed to get just shy of 100k safex :frowning: dont think thats going to light my world up.


transfer them to the safex wallet, dload the wallet off the safex website.


Get a wallet and transfer them in, I don’t trust my current installation so I need to format one of my hard drives and just put windows and the VPN program and the wallet on it, haven’t done it yet, gotta get started , was just looking where to get the wallet now


How much is enough ? Not saying how much I got but yeah I would be happy with just off 100k.
I really don’t know what enough is with any coin tho


@Redfriday when they hit $10 and u have 1million in shares im sure u will be happy with what u put in. We just have to sit and be patient. No need for shit talk like why did i do this and who can i blame. All we can do is wait and see what @dandabek is going to say monday. In SAFEX we trust