d10e - Decentralization Conference Bucharest, Romania



Glad to make this announcement that I will be participating in a panel discussion during February 21-22 in Bucharest, Romania at the d10e conference on decentralization.

If you are interested in attending you can sign up with the code: DABEK and get 10% off on a ticket purchase. Would be eager and glad to meet anyone who could make it.



I’ll be on the look out if I can make it there @dallyshalla so thanks for the discount code :wink:


nice, hope you gain some potential investors in your journey :stuck_out_tongue: i am still excited about safex and i want it succeed. GL Daniel


Thanks for the your support @troya, @marko. Greatly appreciate it and keeps me going.


Only a couple of weeks until the event in Bucharest. Very much looking forward to this, I will have it recorded and live streamed to Youtube; if anyone is going to be there please get in touch with me so that we can meet up! :slight_smile: