Countdown(s) on main website


my milk expires at oct 22


Today is October 22 and the sixth timer expired.

Now there’s a seventh timer that will expire on October 24.

Again. What are all those dates?


I think a better question is " how do I join the duckclub"?


Best to just ignore this project and come back in 6 months. I love safex, but time lines are something they never hit. And have had issues when releasing new wallets. The chili (new name is better) block chain was to be done by the end of 2017. Market was supposed to be ready for Christmas 2018. Does anyone really think that is going to happen? Again I love safex but I’ve written off most of any hopes that the money I have invested will pan out. I’d just kill myself though if it did and I sold. So I hodl.


Sad to here your disappointment. But good that you are holding. Given the nature of creating a new businesses it’s never going to be easy keeping promises or dates. If we were creating our own business and having this kind of thing we’d probably crack up and forget about it. nd let’s be supporters of Safex.


Dude… you don’t seem to understand how stupid it is to have a countdown at all. You mention that creating a business results in potential delays and hiccups, and I completely agree with that. But does it make sense to create a timer, and instead of counting down the days until the wallet/migration release, it instead is counting the days until the counter gets extended? And doing this 7-8 times? If it’s not ready then remove the countdown and then bring it back once the wallet has been completed. Or at least apologize for the 7-8 times this has happened.

Dan is literally trolling us. Even as we express our concerns in this thread, his reply is: “I like the timer.” As if this is some sort of joke or something. It has nothing to do with the “bigger picture”. We all invested in SAFEX because we believe in the project. But this is on another level of stupidity.


I did comment on this before if the timer was not on the web page it wold be better


Please let’s not make a fuss over it. I don’t care how many times things get delayed, changed, scrapped, replaced, or what ever it may be…I didn’t invest in hitting timelines I invested in Safex to see Dan’s vision of remarkable decentralized marketplace come into existence.


You seem to miss the point. It’s not just about hitting timelines anymore. It’s about how stupid the countdown is. Dan sees our complaints, yet doesn’t give a damn about it


I agree with Aesthetic and the many in the community. It looks like Dan is taking the piss of us loyal investors dismissing our concerns like this.
This is not about a silly timer or missed deadlines, as Safex holdsers we’re well used to that.
This is about respect between Dan and his small but loyal community. We deserve not to be winded up or insulted, we do expect professional comms by Safex leadership about what’s going on.


All over a timer. No wonder no one is taking notice. Storm in a teacup.

Been here since before the ICO and Dan has dealt with the important things in due time. This timer is a remanent left over and when the web site is significantly updated then I’d expect it to be fixed too.

How anyone can get “Disrespect” or “Taking the piss” I don’t know. You guys are winding yourselves up over this simply because Dan doesn’t want to waste time over a insignificant (in the greater scheme of things) issue where people are winding themselves up. Maybe if you wind yourselves up enough then he will say something, but it may not be what you want to hear.


The irony of you guys saying that we’re missing the point , purely because we arent up in arms about the timer and Dans response to your reactions to the timer. Who gives a flying feck about the timer. Its been made clear that the migration and airdrop will be active for 12months. I think you guys are missing the point. If Dan’s response offends you then thats your problem. This isnt a place to come and tell everybody how crap you think things are going. The loyalists dont care. Our faith is blind and unwavering. Timer . No timer . 1 year or 2. It doesn’t matter


Totally agree with last statement and
I hope you’re not implying I said anything wrong. Only supportive of the project


No Implications at all Tom and no personal attack on any individual. More a response which I hope reflects the opinion of those who arent waiting for an oak tree to explode from this little acorn of ours. I honestly think crypto explosions are over and while a vast majority of projects in the space will wither away, the solid projects with substance will evolve into being the standard form of commerce. I empathise with those who invested at higher times , riding the waves of hype and hope theyre in a position to sit on their nest until it rewards them.


Well said and thanks


The countdown seems to have been removed now.

That’s good.


There was a Link to GitHub there, that was taken down it seems.


Timer’s been taken down, no communication about it from the team. Interesting.


I also missed this one

Daniel Dabek [SAF3333x] (@dandabek)
@Crypto48183956 The wallet version 7 is on the way; few days (maybe 1 week) to go;

The marketplace application will follow. Last year was not the best time; I was the only developer (unsustainable situation); so I worked hard and today we have a full time team to do it al…




oh I see now… Dan is taking extra time to work on the wallet.
I know delays are no fun, but quality matters most.