Chille Marketplace Targets


Off topic, I know:

This ICO and coin attached is laughable. There’s nothing decentralised about shifting the retail to the manufacturers. This will only benefit the manufacturer and gives them even more so a monopoly position.

Like Unilever is going to send 1 pack of crisps to a person in the Australian outback. More than likely the KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols will be abused when an entity is ordering up large amounts of food products and under the suspicion it is trying to become a retailer, they can shutdown any of such immediately by blacklisting that known ‘entity’.

How does this benefit the potato-peeler-machine-operator in some developing country? The farmer who grows and harvests the potato? Honest would be an truly decentralised market place where a potato farmer can offer his product to the highest bidder rather than being held to contractual obligations and predetermined prices by these giants.

For years these 10 food giants (see link below) have been dominating the agricultural markets and grocery markets without the help of retailers. All done under the scam called ‘fair trade international’, so a consumer can feel better knowing that his 1500% marked up pack of coffee is grown and worked upon by a person earning less than a dollar a day. Decentralised my ***!


Ok, so do you think there could be a way that safex could solve this problem other than what this group is trying to do?


YES, but I can’t elaborate on how yet, because this is a project I am working on and in due time I can reveal more of my plans. In time, when the blockchain is up and running I will reveal more of my plans and hopefully can convince the safex community to participate in this incredible adventure.

One step at the time towards a better world… safex opening the door!


Loci is revolutionizing the invention process by providing inventors the ability to discover and mine IP (Intellectual Property) on the blockchain. Loci’s InnVenn platform provides the marketplace for the buying and selling of IP assets.

This is a $100 trillion industry worldwide, any chance of teaming up with Loci to be the provider of their marketplace or is anyone working on a similar thing for SafeX?


Loci is shillitionizing the invention process by providing people with stupid money the ability to find out that blockchain mining has absolutely nothing to do with intellectual property. Loci’s InnVenn platform provides a place where you can deposit your money, never to be seen again.

This is a $100 gabazillion dollar industry, any chance you can pump my coin for me?


IMO safex needs to hurry along there exchange and chillie get thing up and cranking before there nothing left of safex