Chille Marketplace Targets


Been working on ideas, but can’t get to far into it untill we see how the Chilli coin, wallet, market place work exactly. But yes every market needs to be covered.


As a stoner myself I will say that I will vehemently push to have as large a marijuana sector up as possible as soon as possible…BUT, I feel like we should wait a year or two for that. I’d say the best start would be something that is universally accepted and universally needed globally if possible. It’s good to have a market where people buy things that they want…its infinitely better to have a market where people can buy the things they need for cheap. It would be nice to be able to rent things as well, especially transportation/delivery. While we’re doing vehicles, why not start an insurance fund as well of some sort. I feel like that is doable, plus global health/vehicle/etc insurance would be nice to have as the more healthy people there are, the better off everyone is and the less people have to pay. Of course plenty of problems with that too I’m sure, I’m not an expert in anything per se. I’ve only been holding safex for about an hour.

Also if possible internet would be nice. As 5G gains traction it is possible to do more and more with mobile internet, so I feel like it would be nice to have a decentralized internet network. Nodes would be broadcasting the signal and routing traffic while everyone else would have clients to connect. A single node would (in my mind at least) serve a large area, and as such many different people would be able to pay for it together and receive a share of the profits from the traffic it delivers. I understand that this would be far harder to implement though so yeah this is more for the far future. Near-term plans are the ones above.

As to what to do about things like drugs and the like I agree with the people that say this should indeed be an unregulated market. At the same time, it would be nice to have sub-markets so that you can pick and choose which markets you want to access and which ones you want to avoid. If you do come across a sub-market you don’t like or don’t agree with you could say check off a box somewhere saying “I don’t want to receive profits from this market .” That way people can keep their morals satisfied if they feel a strong desire to do so (and the rest can get some more coin). The only concern would be if governments came in and said their citizens have to show proof of them not profiting from illegal activities. Is there any way to be a decentralized citizen not belonging to or affiliated with any country? Maybe we could offer that somehow too.


I see the point you are trying to make, but there is one big difference market places like the Silk Road were or are geared toward underground items, Drugs, stolen phones, credit card numbers etc… as with the SAFEX market place is isn’t going to be, I do not see how the the developers could be blamed or charged with anything given the the underlying fact that it uis a GENERALIZED market where the main focus is going to be retailers, or services for translators, artists, musicians, photographers, etc… IMO no government, prosecutor would even attempt to jail the developers because it is not geared toward illegal activity, but geared towards everyone’s right to privacy.


About the insurance, I feel like we should have a shared decentralized fund that people can input a certain sum of money in either regularly or huge chunks at a time. They can then assign people that could withdraw from their pool for coverage. The coins in the pool would have a pretty good interest rate, maybe even higher than what you could get from dividends. When you need to cover an insurance cost you would withdraw the neccesary money from the pool and even if there was still plenty leftover the interest on your account reset so that all you had on there is just the amount you have put in there yourself. The leftover amount that was unused could be redistributed inside the insurance fund to everyone else or split so that a portion or all of it goes into the dividends for token holders. You could have multiple shares of different sizes so some could potentially be used to cover prescriptions instead, giving you a monthly payout to directly cover the cost of a prescription.


IMO if there is going to be illicit items sold in the marketplace, it would be best to have it in a separate section or even a whole separate marketplace. Otherwise, they will likely scare off buyers and sellers of more socially acceptable items.


If Dan and the team were to create a whole different decentralised market place just to separate drugs, weapons etc, not only would I be a “personal” invitation for criminals to sell there products on chille but it would also create liability for Dan and the team and most likely land them in jail. There are different laws in every country so it would also be incredibly hard to filter every transaction in accordance to the state/country laws. The market place is completely decentralised and anonymous for our own personal privacy and to stop third party interference, if Dan was to sit there and filter every individual transaction then it would no longer be private or decentralised thus defeating the purpose of Chille and its uniqueness.

its going to be great! we all just need to take the bad with the good and accept that here will be criminals that will try and take advantage of it. Surely enough they will still end up in trouble if tracked by customs, etc.

Keep up the good work @dandabek & team! I’m keen for alpha release and the wallet updates.


I hope you guys have explored the legal aspects as well as you have the economics.

Having a legal advisor on board with SAFEX would be helpful in the long run. (But I’m sure you guys already covered that)


I think discussion of how to handle black markets should be directed to its own thread. I’d like to bring the discussion back towards identifying the best potential markets to target.

I’m new here but I’ve been devouring information on Safex for some time. I support the ideology behind this project. I’m in love with strategic planning, market research, and all things business development (hopefully I’ll be free to pursuit my own ventures full time soon).

Seeing this discussion here is very encouraging and verifies the economic incentives are correct at this stage.

Returning to identifying the best target markets:

We want 1) outlier markets, 2) new/emerging markets, 3) existing markets that cannot reach global buyers (due to exposure, fees, privacy, tariffs, etc.)

Questions to consider:

• Who are the outlier, gray, or suppressed markets?
• Which are emerging?
• Which buyers/sellers would benefit from anonymity?
• Which buyers/sellers would benefit from a decentralized marketplace?
• Which buyers/sellers would benefit from from paying or receiving in Crypto currency?

More specifically:

• Which markets does eBay/Amazon/others restrict or prohibit?
• Which sellers cannot compete on these platforms due to fees or other logistics?

I believe targeting the markets mentioned so far in this thread are a great start. I hope once the marketplace is proven secure we can impliment a more comprehensive and coordinated marketing plan as a community.

My initial thoughts on potential target markets:

• Grey Markets (paraphernalia, Kratom, non-illegal hidden markets)
• Specific Subsets of the Porn Industry (specifically independent video creators, sex toy manufacturers, and eventually smaller pornography companies)
• Online Services/Specific Platform Sellers - within the broad area of internet marketing (anything listed on Fiverr), targeting specific platforms with high fees.
• Hidden Software Tools - Certain types of software tools, i.e. blackhat SEO tool, content scrapers, etc (perhaps avoiding hacking tools)
• Political Ideology/Ancaps/Libertarians: and other supporters of the free market/countereconomics. Many of these people will buy on the marketplace simply because Chille has a decentralized, anonymous vision of individual sovereignty. They will buy and sell BECAUSE it is a free market. Furthermore, many of these people (see New Hampshire, PorcFest, The Free State Project) make and sell their own goods or are full-fledged entrepreneurs. Direct personal outreach will do wonders here. This may be the best initial target market.

• Whichever customer segments actually want to buy goods with crypto. We know the market is largely speculative, but if a small group exists who specifically want to buy/sell with crypto, we should brainstorm and identify that customer profile.

We need to target both buyers and sellers, and strike a balance. I think securing a competitive balance of sellers is top priority, but buyers and sellers attract each other.

We want sellers who can bring existing customer bases to the platform, who have good reputations, and who compete by quality and/or delivery speed (especially with services).

As for leaking this information to potential competitors, I don’t think it’s a concern yet but once we start planning specific marketing activities/outreach we may want to at the very least limit the discussion to members only or set up a hidden invite-only area.

I have more I can share but it’s getting late and I haven’t accumulated enough Safex yet.


I’d say the Grey Market area is definitely a good pursuit. There are people who want to purchase Marijuana for example in the states where it is legal, however all purchases must be done in cash since none of the banks want to deal with the money. It’s still illegal federally, so no regulated body is touching the money. We could help buyers and sellers connect inside their respective states potentially, depending on whether they can work out the logistics of delivering a purchase. A couple of big growers all over California have been hit hard with the wildfires and the crops have taken a beating. They need to secure some funding to get the operations running again but naturally none of the banks are willing to foot the loan. Maybe we could set up a peer-lending system to help provide funding for the growers and then help them set up a marketplace for people to buy their product (potentially directly even without distributors!), pay through chille, and have their purchase be shipped. We could have a full ecosystem set up with crypto-only since the companies can’t put the money into banks anyway at the moment. This is of course assuming someone can actually reach out and talk to the said people and enlist them. I could potentially look around and email a few to see if any would be open to the idea of setting up shop here.


We could start by seeing if any of those companies would make an account on the Chille blockchain. Then they would already have an account to receive the loan, and could then set up their marketplace there to service California residents. Some sources expect the legal marijuana industry to be worth $5 billion when it is legalized there. ( Would be nice to have some of the money flow through the market, could help build some credibility and potentially expand to other states.


again I don’t know how many problems there are with this plan either, so I do want to hear other peoples’ thoughts too.


THIS is brilliant. Global banks have taken over the world today based on this concept, but I do not see any sort of crypto-currency solving this problem (yet). Is it too late, architecturally, to add this kind of functionality to Safex? Imagine a wallet with a crypto-credit-score. Imagine a built-in distributed system that allows for interest-paid crowd-funded loans. I’d say I’ve said too much, but you said it first @liborum.

Also, I hope I’m not kicking the elephant in the room, but I’d be happy to buy some pot off of Safex, and I don’t even smoke pot.

Now can we all shut the hell up and keep the price low for a bit? :wink:



Here’s an idea on the topic above. What is described above would require an enormous amount of trust and could in general only be done to people who are close to ourselves, people we know. I doubt anyone would lend safex 10,000,000 to some anonymous address.

See my private message


Wait until the market place is there… 10-15 years? Trust me when I say 3 years. Unless you have 5 safex, then it might indeed take longer :wink:


Why use SAFEX? why not just buy Bitcoin and do the crimes?


Lending requires an intense level of trust; therefore, lending platforms must have a presence to enforce repayment of loans. That’s why repo guys are usually big and violent.

The CEO of Netscape: James Love Barksdale had $400,000 worth of Netscape shares, he stuck with it until merger with AOL and converted that into $190 million dollars instead of letting Netscape go down in flames.

Because of Netscape we have Mozilla company and Firefox browser, did Netscape really “not stick around… 20 years later?” It did.


As we progress through the Beta we will be identifying our first testers. This is where we will discover the catalyst of the marketplace.


Hello Safex Community,

What about the idea of a Blogging Platform for the Chille Marketplace?

I know that there are a lot of these platforms out there on the Internet, but I sense that a blogging platform unique to the Chille Marketplace, which could also share or interact with the likes of Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. would bring excitement and credibility.

But then there is the issue of the Chille Marketplace being decentralized and anonymous and maybe this wouldn’t be a good idea.

A lot of people like to blog and also use this type of platform to engage in commerce.


I have been working on a website…one of the things I am doing on it is allowing certain companies to advertise on my site, they will be specialists on my site, these type of commercials could bring a lot of money in. a month costs? 3 months cost? 6 months cost$ etc. each slide is timed by default 5 seconds but they can pay more for it to remain more seconds (longer in view) I have seen other sites that have multiple sites we should do the same multiple sites lead to the main site.


Hi All,

Came across this article with an informative overview of some projects in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Whilst the article itself makes for good Sunday afternoon reading what caught my eye was the section of P2P marketplaces, and specifically the quote below:

In 2015, Hunter Walk wrote that one of the biggest missed opportunities of the last decade was eBay’s failure to open up their reputation system to third parties which would’ve put them at the center of P2P commerce.

I’d even take this a step further and argue that eBay’s single most valuable asset is reputation data which is built up over long periods of time, forcing user lock-in and granting eBay the power to levy high taxes on its users for the peace of mind that they are transacting with good actors.

Question- Can this/will this be built into the Chille Blockchain/Marketplace to add value and monetize Chille even more down the track, or does Chille’s anonymous nature prevent this?


A Decentralized Online Grocery Marketplace, here’s a current ICO doing this, we should definitely try and get some of that $8.5 trillion market.