Chille coins in wallet only?


Was wondering if your safex needs to be in the wallet at time of distribution of chille? Or is it enough just to have them on an exchange and you’ll get them automatically ( BTC/Bitcoin cash style ) ?


The exchanges are unlikely to support the Chille conversion… they have a lot on their hands. So actually at the onset of Chille blockchain, it is likely that you will need your safex in your wallet. We will see that procedure documented during the next month/two months.


thank you for the very quick reply!


So keeping SAFEX in offline OMNI wallet is ok too?



No, you need to have it in Safex Wallet


I’m very new to crypto, so let me apologize for being so dense. I want to be clear about getting the Chille coin and where my SAFEX is. If I use the SAFEX wallet to create my public and private key’s. Save the keys off in a paper wallet and then completely remove the wallet from my pc. Will I get the Chille coin when that’s completed? Are there any flaws in my thinking. Thanks and sorry again for beating this topic to death.


Not that I can think of. Research offline cold storage for more information and walkthroughs. But do keep in mind. That’s it as far as recovery goes. So lamination of your key and a good fireproof box are necessary. Sentry sells reliable ones for a decent price.


@radskir you need to check for the actual method of distribution. You can accomplish that by following the weekly updates (each Sunday). At some point this process will be 100% determined and you’ll know what to do. Backing up your keys is a natrual thing to do regardless.


Does imported OMNI private key to SAFEX wallet work or I must make a new address in SAFEX wallet and transfer from Imported OMNI wallet to SAFEX wallet generated address?


Wondering that too.


You can import those private keys anywhere anytime bitcoin private key is accepted. It will work.


Thanks, I’m going to look into that safe. GO SAFEX!!!


Just to be sure I’ll ask one more question :smiley:
If I import OMNI private key to SAFEX wallet, will I still get CHILLE?
Thanks. :slight_smile:


Chille blockchain won’t know that you did that. So, yes.