Can i still use my old omni address?


Hello , i have already migrate succesfully my coins but now i bought some old coins which i want to burn and get the new coins and some safex cash. Do i have to send them in my previous (omni) blockchain address or this address doesn’t work anymore ? Do i need a new omni address ? What if i send them to the migration address ?
Thanks for your time , your safex team is great .


I was told, just do the process again for the new coins in the old address or if you prefer use a new omni address. Either should work fine


You can use the old address again. This time you don’t have to do stages 1 and 2 again… just the final burn of the coins.

The only time you’ll have to repeat this process is if you’ve accidentally “reset” the process by pressing the reset button.


Depends if you want the same safex address. Some people want more than one safex address and so they may want the new coins in a new safex address.